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Pre-Job Questionnaire

What Needs Surveying?

For wells:

  • What type of well? Oil/gas/water?
  • What is the fluid, if any?
  • What is the borehole size? / What is the minimum size of any jewelry through which the tool must pass?
  • What's the deviation of the well?
  • What will be the max working depth?
  • Max working temperature?
  • Max working pressure?
  • Are there corrosives such as H2S or CO2, or other chemical considerations?

The Line

  • Is there already a line on location from which to work?
  • What kind of line is it?
  • How long is it?
  • What are its terminations?
  • Is there a secondary depth encoder available, and what are its connectors/pinouts?
  • Who will be doing the hoisting? (So that we might bring appropriate connectors)
  • Is there room to operate inside the control shack?


  • Where is the job?
  • Are there size/weight considerations, such as the necessity to travel via helicopter or ATV?


Tell us where we need to be, when.


Please collect the contact information for anyone we'll need to contact along the way:

  • You
  • Contact in the field
  • Engineers / stakeholders back "at the office"
  • Transportation dispatchers
  • Billing department