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About The Slick Line Camera

The Downhole Camera Technology (DCT) memory cameras record well-bore images in gas or "optically clean" oil wells. The photographs taken can be used to assist in a range of well servicing activities from fishing (an electronic LIB!) and tubular inspection to reservoir fluid identification

Taking up to 256 images in a single run, DCT'S Slick Line Cameras are easily set-up and read on site using a standard PC with the supplied interface. The only programming parameters are delay time and interval between subsequent images.

Tool Specs

DCT SlickLine Memory Camera

O.D. (in) 1.75 Length (in) 28
Temp (F) 225° Resolution 256 x 256 x 8 bits
Pressure 10,000 psi Number of Pictures 256

Example Image Sequence

Shown below is a series of photographs taken on snubbing pipe of a safety valve with a damaged prong lodged in the middle.
(Click on the right arrow button to move forward through the sequence.)

Additional Example Images

Click for larger image

Click for larger image