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E-line Camera

It's not just about fishing.

Eline Camera

Detect safety issues

  • Casing or tubing leaks
  • Mineral deposition
  • Scale and corrosion
  • Bacterial buildup
Eline Camera

Perform general inspection

  • Tubing hangers
  • Plugged perforations
  • Casing and tubing splits
  • Gas lift valves

View the operation of downhole equipment

  • Check sliding sleeves for proper positioning
  • Verify operation of sub-surface safety valves

Determine the condition of downhole equipment

  • Nipple profile
  • Chokes
  • Sand screens and slotted liners (inspect for wear, plugging, corrosion, and scale buildup)

Downhole Camera Technology's Legend Down-View system has the following specifications:

Well Survey System 5000
Outer diameter:1-11/16" (43 mm)
Length:99" (251 cm) with inline centralizer
61.5" (156 cm) without inline centralizer
Max temperature:275°F (135°C)
Max pressure:10,000 PSI (69 Mpa)
Weight:31 lbs (14 kg)*
Default resolution:360 x 240

Other configurations include:

  • Side-view
  • High pressure (15kpsi with 1.75” OD)
  • eline camera

We are experts in our field. We will assist you with all steps of the camera survey, from choosing the correct camera system, to well preparation, to ensuring equipment compatibility, through the survey, and in interpreting results.